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What Makes TNN Luminescent Paints Different?

What Makes TNN Luminescent Paints Different?

Dec 25,2019

Color Balanced Formulations All TNN luminous pigment are manufactured using a special color balanced process ensuring that the colors won’t shift when switching from ordinary white lighting to blacklight. High Pigment Concentration The amount of pigment used in the manufacturing of paint determines how vibrant and rich the color will be. TNN photoluminescent pigment feature the highest pigment concentration of any fluorescent paint available, creating deep rich colors with maximum brilliance under blacklight. Easy Application TNN gid pigment applies like ordinary latex paint. You can successfully apply it by brushing, rolling or spraying. Because it’s water base, cleanup is simple and there’s no irritating odor. Non-Toxic TNN luminous pigment colors are water base and non-toxic. They contain no lead, mercury or other toxic ingredients. The absence of harmful solvents makes TNN paints easy and safe to use. Where to Use Ideal for use on any properly prepared interior surface, including canvas, paper, plaster, metal, wood, plastic, fabric or any non-slick, non-oily substrate. Surface Preparation Follow standard practices and procedures for properly preparing surfaces for the application of water base latex paints. Surfaces must be free of dirt, oil and grease. Remove all loose, flaking or chalking surfaces. Do not apply over slick or glossy surfaces. For best results prime surfaces with white non-fluorescent acrylic latex primer and allow to dry completely

Application Methods TNN Luminescent Paint can be brushed, rolled or spray applied to any properly prepared and primed, interior surface. To achieve a uniform finish, spray apply TNN photoluminescent pigment whenever possible. Apply multiple thin coats as opposed to one heavy coat. For maximum brilliance under blacklight, apply TNN Glow in the dark pigment over a white non-fluorescent background. When applying by brush or roller, do not thin. To spray apply, thin, up to 40% with water. Thinning ratios vary depending on type of spray equipment used. DO NOT THIN MORE THAN 40%. Over thinning will result in loss of hide and cause the paint to run. Do not apply at temperatures below 58ºF/14ºC. Stir well before use. Coverage TNN Luminescent Paint covers approx. 200-250 sq. ft / gallon, 18.6-23.2 M2 / 3.785L. Dry Times Recoat time is approx. 1/2 hour. Dry time is approx. 1 hour. The dry time will vary with temperature and humidity. Cleanup Clean tools, brushes and equipment with warm, soapy water immediately after use. Promptly wipe up spills and splatters with a damp cloth. Handling & Storage Store TNN luminous pigment out of direct sunlight. To avoid skinning, close container after each use. Keep lid tightly closed during storage. Protect from freezing. If contents freeze, allow thawing at room temperature before use. Health & Safety Ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. If you experience eye watering, headache or dizziness or if air monitoring demonstrates vapor/mist levels are above applicable limits, wear an appropriate, properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) during and after application. Follow respirator manufacturer’s directions for respirator use.