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FAQ of Glow in the dark pigment

FAQ of Glow in the dark pigment

Jan 22,2019

How does the photoluminescent powder work?

Strontium aluminate is activated by europiumto give that amazing photoluminescent glow. Previous photoluminescent powder used zinc sulphide activated by copper.

Put simply, the particles of powder are charged or excited by light - any

light. When it is dark, the particles release this light as a photoluminescent. This happens day after night after day after night......

This repeated process lasts a minimum of 10 years but can last up to 20 years.

Any reasonable light source will "excite" the particles. Sunlight will "excite" it quicker but artificial light (flrorescent light, standard light bulbs, and UV black lights) will also work.

How safe is strontium aluminate?

Strontium aluminate is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-radioactive. No chemical reaction occurs for the particles to photoluminescent. It is also environmentally friendly. A Safety Data Sheet is provided with every purchase. You will however need to follow the safety instructions of the medium you add the powder to.

What are the benefits of glow in the dark powder?

  • Money saving
  • Energy saving
  • Light source
  • Funky and fun (endless)
  • Safety applications (endless)

What does a 'medium' refer to?

The powder itself is just the raw product that needs to be added to a medium . The choice of medium you choose is limited only by your imagination

How can it not be used

  • It can’t be used on metal or in an acid base.
  • It can’t be used in water, although we do have a water-soluble powder available.

  • Darkly pigmented mediums will both increase the charging time and lower the brightness of the glow so broadly should not be used. Feel free to experiment though.

  • It is recommended that you use clear mediums wherever possible and then paint or mold any daytime colors underneath or behind of the glow layer as a base coat. If you use a medium other than clear, test it thoroughly with a small sample first.